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Marketing Sherpa’s, Anne Holland, has researched the benefits of fridge magnets, the situations to use them, and the best content. See what she has to say about fridge magnets. The need for everlasting advertising was the driver behind creation of the fridge magnet. From humble beginnings, fridge magnets have risen in status to become an essential business marketing tool. One of the lowest cost options amongst all promotional products is fridge magnets, so says Gareth Parkin. Fridge magnets build trademark recall and help business growth.

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If you’ve ever attempted to carry a few thousand fridge magnets you’ll understand just how weighty they can be. No problem if you want to ship them locally, regionally or nationally, but absolutely crazy to ship them around the planet. At our market is Australia and the Pacific region. Otherwise, here is our selection of good, competitive, reliable and innovative suppliers in a few countries other than Australia, where we have it covered…

Fridge magnets in the USA

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Fridge magnets in the UK

Fridge magnets in Frances

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Fridge magnets in Canada

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South Africa - Mint Tin Marketing - Fridge Magnets

More Fridge magnets in South Africa

Fridge Magnets in Russia

Fridge Magnets in Sweden

Commodity Place

In4City Web Directory

JT Web Directory

Where there’s a refrigerator, not too far behind is a budding, enthusiastic band of business people, seeking to populate this central feature of family life, with their business advertising message. Promotional fridge magnets work the whole world over…. for families and business people small and large.

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